Doodle Day Care

Are you rushing home in your lunch break to see to your Doodle?

Would you like to be able to have a more relaxed day at work knowing your Doodle dog is in the best care?

You need day care designed with your Doodle dog in mind.

Doodle Day Care is for small to medium Doodles.

Doodle day care is more than just a day care. We have a unique sensory garden designed with your Doodle in mind.

You can go to work or out for the day knowing your Doodle is being cared for by a professional who understands their needs.

A Day In The Life at Doodle Day Care

Morning - Arrive at Doodle Day Care, say hello to Doodle friends and play in the sensory garden.

The sensory garden has been designed to give your dogs senses a full workout.

The garden is full of sensory experiences to keep their mind, body and nose happy and active.

There is a sandpit, grass, soil, bark, logs and bales. Lots of opportunities to balance, dig and climb.

We play lots of nose games in the garden to keep your dog happy and active, hiding treats or favourite toys in the sandpit and under dog safe plants. Nose work results in a happy dog who is relaxed and confident.

Afternoon - We go for a walk. Your Doodle isn’t just going to be in a different house for the day, exercise is very important for a happy and healthy dog.

After a lovely ramble we relax in the garden or in the lounge.

If you would like your dog to be brushed after walks, this can also be done.

You collect a happy and relaxed dog knowing they have had a great day with a balance of relaxation, exploration and stimulation.

Don’t delay, book your Doodle the perfect day care today

- 07982 859950

Prices and Terms

£30 per day

Drop off from 0700

Pick up before 1830

All dogs must be flead and wormed and have up to date vaccinations or Titre tested.

All Doodles must come for an orientation day to assess their suitability.

We welcome visits from you and your Dog.


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07982 859950

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